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What to Know Before Hiring Limo for 14 People

Organizing a big event is already pretty overwhelming, and dealing with limo arrangements can add to the stress. Whether it’s your wedding or retirement celebration, or you’re responsible for important guests’ transportation, figuring out limo rentals can be a tricky task. It’s easy to get lost in the expenses and details, especially if you’re unsure what questions to ask. Don’t worry, though! Here are crucial things you should be aware of before finalizing your limo for 14 people. Let’s make sure you’re well-informed!

Limo Rental Costs and Options for 14 People

Limo rental costs vary significantly, ranging from $40 to $300 per hour. The price is influenced by various factors, such as the type of limo you choose (ranging from mini-coaches to buses), whether a driver is included, the duration of the rental, and any additional fees.

The capacity of a limousine varies from 1 to limo for 14 people, depending on the selected limo model. 

There are primarily two types of limo services available: hourly and flat rate. Hourly limos charge by the hour, and the cost may increase with traffic issues during your journey. In contrast, flat-rate limos maintain a fixed price unaffected by traffic or travel time between points A and B.

Typically, limos are rented for at least two hours, and some companies may charge extra fees for rentals lasting less than four hours. Understanding these factors can help you plan and budget for your limo rental effectively.

A Smooth Reservation Process

Booking your limousine well in advance is key to a stress-free experience. Reserve your weeding limo at least a day ahead, but the more notice you provide, the better. Ideally, aim to make your reservation two or three weeks before your event for optimal results. Don’t hesitate to inquire about special rates for extended limo rentals; it never hurts to ask, and it might save you some money.

Should you need to alter your limo plans, contact the limo company as soon as possible. If your request falls within a reasonable timeframe before your scheduled pickup, they might accommodate changes without extra fees or payment hassles.

Before finalizing your reservation, familiarize yourself with the limousine cancellation policy. The limo company will require your credit card information to secure the reservation. However, it’s crucial to know the exact amount being charged and the processing timeline.

Most companies offer a grace period of 24 hours for cancellations to avoid charges. However, some companies might impose fees if you provide less than 12 hours notice. Stay informed, plan ahead, and communicate promptly to ensure a seamless limo reservation process.

Licenses and Insurance Matters

When arranging your limo service, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Start by confirming that the limo company possesses a valid and current limousine license. Equally important is ensuring the limo driver holds a valid driving license and is appropriately insured. Request proof of these documents to guarantee your peace of mind.

If your event includes an open bar, inquire if the limo company is licensed to serve alcohol. Safety is paramount, so you must ensure that limo drivers are not intoxicated when they pick up your guests. Verify the driver’s name and license number upon arrival, matching the details with the limo agreement beforehand. Quick online research can reveal any complaints against your chosen limo provider.

Before allowing your kids to board the limo, conduct a safety inspection to ensure everything is in proper working order and nothing is broken or faulty. If you detect alcohol on the driver’s breath, do not allow them to drive until they have sobered up.

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Regarding insurance, limo companies are legally obligated to cover bodily injury and property damage. It’s crucial to confirm that the chosen limo rental business carries sufficient liability insurance to protect both passengers and the vehicle.

Ask the limo company about their insurance types and coverage amounts, especially concerning accidents during the ride. Different limo rental options often come with varying liability coverages. Considering additional limousine insurance covering accidents, injuries, vandalism, and legal issues might be a wise choice.

Beware of deceptive limousine companies that may appear legitimate but lack proper licenses or insurance coverage. Stay vigilant, ask the right questions, and ensure you’re signing up for a safe and secure limo experience! Your safety is paramount.

Exceptional Customer Service

When choosing a limo service, the quality of customer support stands out as a crucial factor. Evaluating the level of customer service provided by different companies can be done by reading reviews or contacting them directly.

A limo service with knowledgeable and responsive customer service representatives is a positive indicator. Ensure the limousine company you opt for has a toll-free number for convenient communication.

It’s essential to confirm the availability of your limo driver on your chosen day. Inquire about their arrival time at the pick-up location and the estimated duration of their journey.

Additionally, request a list of emergency phone numbers from the limo company. This information is invaluable in unforeseen events such as accidents or flat tires, ensuring you have the necessary assistance.

Your Premier Choice for Exceptional Service and Seamless Experiences

At SunShine Limo Rentals, we redefine luxury transportation, ensuring every moment of your journey is memorable. With our fleet of top-notch vehicles, including limo for 14 people, we prioritize your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Our customer service representatives are well-informed and readily available, offering assistance whenever needed. We pride ourselves on our transparency, providing a toll-free number for easy communication and promptly responding to all your inquiries. Rest assured, when you choose SunShine Limo Rentals, you select a service that goes above and beyond to cater to your needs.

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